Monday, November 15, 2010

A Big Change is Happening!

Here is a note to all my followers.. I will be migrating this blog to the Wordpress platform so I might be offline for a few days. I hope that you come visit me again after a few days and witness a big change here!


Here are some tips on how to recycle!

- If you read newspapers, please recycle them after use. Alternatively, read news online
- Set your printer to print double sided and buy recycled paper
- Recycle junk mail or reuse it as scratch paper
- Learn to ride your bike or public transportation—it helps reduce emissions.
- Buy local products – it cuts down on fuel to transport and supports our local community.
- Turn if off when not in use – lights, television, DVD player, computer, etc.
- Fill your dishwasher and washing machine with a full load – save water electricity and money on cleaners.
- Do your weekly shopping in a single trip to save on gas.
- Hang out clean laundry to dry on clear days rather than tumble drying it.
- Defrost your fridge and freezer regularly to keep it running efficiently.
- Get creative in your gift-giving—make your gifts or buy tickets to an event or movie or donate to a good cause.
- When your incandescent light burns out, replace them with low-energy compact fluorescent tubes.
- Use old calendars, colorful pictures, etc. to make your own envelopes.
- Don't let faucet taps leak or drip water. A running faucet uses 3-5 gallons a minute.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

One More Child?

The decision to have one more child depends on the family and each parent's circumstances and resources. Here are some points to consider when making that decision.

When children are widely spaced...
> Mother has more time to replenish lost blood and nutrients from the previous pregnancy and childbirth
> Mother can entertain the possibility of more stable employment
> Expenses are more gradual
> Parents have more time to enjoy and know the elder child
> Parents attention is less divided between children
> The older child can help in caring for new baby

When children are closely spaced...
> Children all grow up together and tend to be closer to one another
> Children grow up having a sibling and tend to socialize better
> Parents can use the same infant and toddler clothes and things
> Parents go through their child-rearing phase continuously
> Mother can resume a career sooner

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Renewing Your Wedding Vows

Renewing wedding vows can be a meaningful, touching, revivifying ceremony for you and your children, family and friends. As a married couple, it is a time to pause and reflect on where you have been and where you are going. It is also a wonderful example to set for your children and grandchildren. Can you imagine a more beautiful scene than children watching their parents joining hands and hearts as they affirm the magnitude and strength of their enduring love? What greater life/love lesson? I often say at these ceremonies: “True love does not wither or die. It merely ripens. ” Afterwards many couples comment as to how surprisingly romantic it all felt!

Wedding vow renewal ceremonies can be as creative and personal as you want them to be. Walk down the aisle to classical music and walk out to “your song”. Let the cover of your invitation feature your grandchild’s favorite drawing of Grandma and Pop Pop or even your first wedding portrait. Play your original wedding video at your reception. Buy new wedding bands for the occasion and have them specially engraved. Your ceremony should be less formal than a wedding - more casual and fun. It can completely reflect the two of you.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Whine Busters

If you have a toddler or preschooler at home, you know how whining can be irritating and maddening to a parent. So here are some suggestions to help you with your kid's whining:

> Find out what's wrong. Could the whining be brought about by physical discomfort? Maybe the child is tired, hungry or sick.
> Acknowledge the times he speaks appropriately. When a child asks in the appropriate manner, make sure to respond to him as soon as possible.
> Anticipate the problem. Knowing the circumstances which your child whines can help you pre-empt its occurence.
> Stop the whine as soon as it begins. Make sure your child knows that whining will get him nowhere and that you may actually give in to him if he talks calmly.
> Demonstrate a better way. Help the child identify his feelings by putting into words what he wants.
> Don't respond. Sometimes, the best reaction is no reaction.
> Calm yourself down.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Good Parenting Tips

• Love your children unconditionally - Express your love, consistently show it, say it, and mean it. Never assume they know you love them.

• Tell them often that you are happy to have them in your family.

• Hug them daily.

• Have regular family council - Involve your children in family conduct and responsibility decisions.

• Control your temper – Anger and contention causes broken hearts.

• Be willing to admit mistakes.

• Give them your time - Have a weekly family home evening.

• Learn how to effectively communicate with them.

• Plan one-on-one time - Invite your child to share what’s going on in their life. Don’t include any discipline during this visit! This must be a positive experience for them so they will want to share their feelings.

• Support them in their activities.

• Express love and show respect towards their mother/father - If you are a single parent, don’t be guilty of bad-mouthing the other parent in front of them.

Excellence or Perfection

Excellence is willing to be wrong,
Perfection is being right.

Excellence is risk,
Perfection is fear.

Excellence is powerful,
Perfection is anger and frustration.

Excellence is spontaneous,
Perfection is control.

Excellence is accepting,
Perfection is judgment.

Excellence is giving,
Perfection is taking.

Excellence is confident,
Perfection is doubt.

Excellence is flowing,
Perfection is pressure.

Excellence is journey,
Perfection is destination.

From Finding A Mentror, Being A Mentor

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


These three Rs are very important responsibilities each one needs to fulfill.
Here are some tips on waste management.

Let us start with REDUCE.
Reduce means use less or conserve.
We must use natural resources wisely and use less than usual in order to avoid waste.

Here are some tips on reducing!
- Buy only what you need.
- When you are through with something, make sure you pass it along to someone else who needs it.
- Start making wise packaging selections. Avoid using plastics if possible.
- Avoid single serve containers. Buy in bulk.
- Use durable goods longer.
- Say "no" to junk mail.
- Start a garden.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Steps to Building Wise Relationships

1. Share concerns and interests. Mutual desires, along with a common understanding is the necessary beginning of any relationship. Along with interests, you must invest time and effort.

2. Focus on meeting another's needs and not yours. A relationship that is motivated out of a sense of personal need, whether emotional, physical or financial will not last. A self-serving relationship drives away the other person.

3. Risk rejection and pain. Based on past experiences, you may feel that you cannot risk being hurt or misunderstood again. If you are waiting for someone who will cause you no pain or suffering, you will never know the joy of a lasting relationship.

4. Love sacrificially. This means to give and expect nothing in return.

5. Be open and transparent. Without honesty and a willingness to share your thoughts and feelings, you shut out the opportunity for a mutual, rewarding relationship.

6. Ask for forgiveness and be willing to accept forgiveness. Every person makes mistakes. What do you do when you are hurt?

7. Accept criticism and praise. When you care about someone, you encourage that person with praise and kind words. In the same way, you may see the need to confront him about something. Whether you are confronted with words or praise or criticism, accept them in the spirit they are given.

8. Allow biblical principles to govern your relationship. God's Word provides wisdom for every aspect of life. When you allow His Word to govern your words, actions, and thoughts, you will be able to build and keep relationships that are loving, loyal and devoted.

(Source: InTouch , Sept 2001)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Garden Cleaning

Here are some tips for garden cleaning!

> Turn over pails and watering cans that are not being used so that they don't store stagnant water. Keep them in a dry place.
> When working in the garden, loosen the soil in potted plants regularly. This will prevent the accumulation if stagnant water on the surface of the hardened soil.
> Check for holes in trees in which water may have accumulated.
> Keep the grass and shrubs trimmed so as not to create a home for mosquitoes.
> Kiddie pools should be deflated after use. Do not leave them out overnight with water. Once deflated, lay out in the sun to dry, then fold and store properly.
> Water tanks are also potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Once the tank is filled, shut the water immediately. Check the area beneath the tank on a regular basis; make sure it stays dry.
> Toys used outdoors, such as bikes and wagons, should be kept clean. Wipe dry after cleaning. Wagons and other similar toys should be turned over.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kitchen Cleaning

Here are some reminders when you are cleaning your kitchen...

> Keep water storage containers closed.
> At the sink, hang sponges or store them in baskets where water can drain off. Avoid keeping them in bows with water and soap.
> Keep your electric water dispenser clean and dry at all times. Check the receptacle under the faucet; there may be stagnant water in it.
> Dish drainers often have trays to collect water. Drain and keep dry at all times.
> Check the drip tray of your refrigerator; drain water regularly and wipe dry.
> Hang wet rags to dry after every use. Wet rags left folded or crumpled are potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tidying The Garage

Here are some reminders when you are tidying your garage!

> Canvas or tarpaulin used to cover your car or other equipments should be regularly cleaned. Dust off and wash under water. Leave to dry under the sun.
> Avoid keeping things you will have no use for, such as plastic bottles, newspapers, empty boxes, and others. These will only provide hiding places for mosquitoes. Donate them to recycling centers or dispose properly.
> Keep your garbage cans covered. This holds true for both biodegradable and non-biodegradable trash bins. Flies, mosquitoes and other insects will not be attracted to your home.
> Don't keep old tires, especially if you're not going to use them anyway. Bring them to a vulcanizing shop instead. Tires can collect rainwater and provide a home for mosquitoes.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bedroom Cleanliness

Here are some reminders in making your bedroom mosquito free!
> Do not place any tray on top or under the air conditioning unit where water can collect.
> Always check your window screens for any tears. Replace or repair them regularly.
> Organize toys in boxes so it's easier to dust them. Without dust or nooks and crannies for mosquitoes to hide in, you won't have a problem with these insects!
> Regularly spray water-based aerosol insecticide.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Cleaning the Bath Room

Here are some reminders to making your bath room mosquito-free!

> Put down the toilet bowl lid, especially when leaving for a long vacation.
> Check the base of toilet bowl to see if water has collected around the area. Dry using an absorbent rag or mop.
> If you store water in containers, keep them closed. Regularly change the water as well.

Cleaning the Living Room

Here are some tips and reminders for cleaning your living room!

- Remove water in indoor plant pot plates daily. Wash under water and scrub plate thoroughly to remove mosquito eggs. If possible, avoid using plant pot plates.
- Install screens on windows that fit snuggly into the frame. If there are holes, sew them or replace the entire screen.
- Keep doors and windows closed. If this isn't possible add day, shut them from dusk to dawn.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Just recently, we were invaded by Dengue here at our house. I tested positive 2 months ago while my hubby also tested positive using the NS1 Test about a month ago. Both of us were hospitalized. It is really difficult but thank God, we had health cards and that the strain we got wasn't very dangerous. In the next days, I will be sharing some tips about how to make our homes clean to minimize mosquitoes which carry the dreaded Dengue disease into our houses!


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