Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Steps to Building Wise Relationships

1. Share concerns and interests. Mutual desires, along with a common understanding is the necessary beginning of any relationship. Along with interests, you must invest time and effort.

2. Focus on meeting another's needs and not yours. A relationship that is motivated out of a sense of personal need, whether emotional, physical or financial will not last. A self-serving relationship drives away the other person.

3. Risk rejection and pain. Based on past experiences, you may feel that you cannot risk being hurt or misunderstood again. If you are waiting for someone who will cause you no pain or suffering, you will never know the joy of a lasting relationship.

4. Love sacrificially. This means to give and expect nothing in return.

5. Be open and transparent. Without honesty and a willingness to share your thoughts and feelings, you shut out the opportunity for a mutual, rewarding relationship.

6. Ask for forgiveness and be willing to accept forgiveness. Every person makes mistakes. What do you do when you are hurt?

7. Accept criticism and praise. When you care about someone, you encourage that person with praise and kind words. In the same way, you may see the need to confront him about something. Whether you are confronted with words or praise or criticism, accept them in the spirit they are given.

8. Allow biblical principles to govern your relationship. God's Word provides wisdom for every aspect of life. When you allow His Word to govern your words, actions, and thoughts, you will be able to build and keep relationships that are loving, loyal and devoted.

(Source: InTouch , Sept 2001)

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