Sunday, October 3, 2010


Just recently, we were invaded by Dengue here at our house. I tested positive 2 months ago while my hubby also tested positive using the NS1 Test about a month ago. Both of us were hospitalized. It is really difficult but thank God, we had health cards and that the strain we got wasn't very dangerous. In the next days, I will be sharing some tips about how to make our homes clean to minimize mosquitoes which carry the dreaded Dengue disease into our houses!

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Yami said...

Ang hirap talaga ng may sakit sa family. Mabuti nalampasan ninyo ang health problem na yan.

Dito rin sa bahay mare ingat kami, di ba nadengue na rin ang dalawang anak ko about four years ago.

Following you mare dito sa bago mong site. :)