Thursday, November 4, 2010

One More Child?

The decision to have one more child depends on the family and each parent's circumstances and resources. Here are some points to consider when making that decision.

When children are widely spaced...
> Mother has more time to replenish lost blood and nutrients from the previous pregnancy and childbirth
> Mother can entertain the possibility of more stable employment
> Expenses are more gradual
> Parents have more time to enjoy and know the elder child
> Parents attention is less divided between children
> The older child can help in caring for new baby

When children are closely spaced...
> Children all grow up together and tend to be closer to one another
> Children grow up having a sibling and tend to socialize better
> Parents can use the same infant and toddler clothes and things
> Parents go through their child-rearing phase continuously
> Mother can resume a career sooner


Renz said...

Great comparison. We're going for the widely spaced :)

Great to be here on your blog!

Mel Cole said...

Thanks for this post Mami Chris. I am informed and we chose the closely spaced. :) Me preggy with 2nd baby na. Sa July 27th due date ko next year.