Friday, October 8, 2010

Garden Cleaning

Here are some tips for garden cleaning!

> Turn over pails and watering cans that are not being used so that they don't store stagnant water. Keep them in a dry place.
> When working in the garden, loosen the soil in potted plants regularly. This will prevent the accumulation if stagnant water on the surface of the hardened soil.
> Check for holes in trees in which water may have accumulated.
> Keep the grass and shrubs trimmed so as not to create a home for mosquitoes.
> Kiddie pools should be deflated after use. Do not leave them out overnight with water. Once deflated, lay out in the sun to dry, then fold and store properly.
> Water tanks are also potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Once the tank is filled, shut the water immediately. Check the area beneath the tank on a regular basis; make sure it stays dry.
> Toys used outdoors, such as bikes and wagons, should be kept clean. Wipe dry after cleaning. Wagons and other similar toys should be turned over.